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[Cassian Andor X Reader] Come Back Pt. 1

A/N: Brief break from extremely long hiatus to bring you this Cassian Andor fic that I lost the original version of (cri). Thank you for being patient followers and I’ll try my best to bring you guys the fics you’ve requested J This is just a fluff fic if I'm honest… zero plot. But I’ll write one if you want it… Another update post writing this. I like where this is going. I haven't proofread this properly... so if you notice anything feel free to give feedback. 
You paced around the room, waiting for Cassian to say something.
“I think we’ll succeed.”
Stopping at the sound of his cocky voice, you turned around to face him, hands on your hips.
“Succeeding won’t be the problem. How do you suppose we’ll find Saw Gerrera? You think we can just waltz right through Jedha and find him? On top of that, we need to locate Jyn”
Cassian thought ab
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(Kaneki X Reader) Promise

A/n: THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR 251 WATCHERS!!!!! I WOULDN'T BE HERE TODAY, WRITING THIS WITHOUT YOU GUYS.... SOOOOO This is the long awaited sequel to empty… hehehehheeeee …. Also super sorry if anyone in this story (esp touka and kaneki and anyone else….) seem super OC. Haven’t seen or read Tokyo Ghoul in a very long time…. 
Prompts from this tumblr user in bold: lex-luth-or 
Mini warning: contains a swear word or two
“Sorry. I didn’t see you there.” 
You sweat dropped at her blatant statement. 
You looked down at your hands, and then you saw the mess on the floor. 
“(y/n)? Are you okay?”
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[Tadashi X Reader] Nerd Lab

AN:Two fics in a row! I am on a rolllllll ..... Some side notes: f/s: favorite song.
“Tadashi!! Oh you must be Hiro! I’ve heard so much about you!” yelled Honey Lemon.
That definitely caught your attention. Like Honey Lemon, you liked working with music on. So your headphones were obviously blasting (f/s) until Honey Lemon started shouting with excitement. You took your headphones out and looked over at the trio and watched as Honey Lemon’s tungsten carbide exploded into pink dust. You walked over there as soon as you stopped working on fixing Tadashi’s chip.
“Hey,” you said, kissing your boyfriend on the cheek.
“Hey,” Tadashi said back, wrapping an arm around your waist.
“Hey Hiro, finally visiting the nerd lab?”
“Uhhh yeah. So what are you working on (y/n)?” Hiro asked.
“Well I’m glad you asked because it’s actually a joint project with your brother. Co
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[Kylo Ren X Reader] Monster

Just a quick A/N and a warning... 
    I'm baaaacccckkkkkk and my writer's block is officially gone!! I've started writing stories again :) So I hope you enjoy this one. And I also know that the whole Ben Solo to Kylo Ren thing didn't happen like that, however my story, my rules. And the italics, unless its a flashback, it's you talking to Kylo Ren through your thoughts.... like the old Jedi used to do 
“Come on BB-8!”
You ran, grabbing Rey’s hand while dragging her further into the forest.
He’s here, I have to hid
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[Aomine X Reader] 3 Times the Charm

Attempt #1

“Oi. Oi. Oi! A HO MINE!!”
“Quit starin, you’re making me nervous.”
The blue haired boy then turned around, sweat dropping.
“Hm… weird. Oi Aomine, let’s go. You have basketball practice!”
“Osu. I’m off to the roof.”
Attempt #2
“Oh… sorry.”
He helped you up, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment.
You looked at him….
“Are you blushing?”
Attempt #3
“Aomine, where are you taking me?”
“Aomine, if this is another one of your–”
He had pressed his lips to yours.
You broke the kiss and looked at his red face.
“Aww! Why didn’t you say so?!”
“Well, I like you too Ahomine.”
He just smiled and grabbed your hand
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[Murasakibara Atsushi X Reader] Pocky

“Can we get some snacks?”
You handed him a box of chocolate Pocky, along with a bag of chips and other snacks.
“Thanks,” he said with his mouth full of Pocky.
---mini timeskip ---
“Ne, Atsushi?”
“Let’s play a game.”
You took a piece of pocky and put it in one end of your mouth, then moved closer to Murasakibara. He looked at you and tilted his head. He bent down and started to nibble.
“Where do I stop (y/n)-chin?”
You shrugged and just closed your eyes as he got closer. When you felt his nose touch yours, the pocky broke off, making you pout.
“Do you have more?”
You handed him the box again and just sat there, your face turning a bit red as you told yourself not be disappointed about the kiss that didn’t happen.
You looked at the pocky that was offered to you. Your smile grew on your face
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[Kuroko Tetsuya X Reader] Vanilla Shake
“Can I have some of your milkshake?”
------- timeskip-----
“Ne ne Kuro-tan!”
No reply.
You pouted your lips as you squeezed your boyfriend’s hand. He looked back at you with those blue eyes and you felt him squeeze your hand.
“Do you really want some?”
You looked at him, you held his hand up to your face, encircling them in yours.
“Kuro-tan, please give me some of the Vanilla milkshake,” you begged.
He took another sip and nodded his head as he swallowed. And before you knew it, his lips were on yours. The taste of vanilla lingered on his lips and yours as he pulled back.
Then he started walking ahead, smiling as he waited for you to catch up.
------ extended ending -----
(GOM spying on Kuroko)
“Ne ne Daiki! He kissed (y/n)!! He kissed (y/n)!!” O_O
“Yay kurokuchii!”
:iconcoffeelurvr:coffeelurvr 66 12
(Sam X Reader X Dean) Goodbye

A/N: I'm SORRY DON’T KILL ME! This is a large thank you to everyone who has watched me... I MEAN 150 WATCHERS!! <3 Thank you guys so much!!!!! 
(y/a/e) = your alter ego name
“Oh God, I feel like shit.”
“I’m not God, (y/n), sorry to say you won’t be seeing him any time soon either.”
“In the flesh,” he said as he stepped out into the light.
You struggled in the chair you were tied to.
“Did you know the demon burns cold?” he asked as he walked to get something. 
It made a large noise, and he came back holding a sharp, sharp knife. 
“What do you want with me Lucifer!” you yelled as you continued to try and untie the ropes.
“I have a job for you (y/n), and in return you get a ticket. A ticket to hell,” he said as he started moving back to you.
And that’s when you screamed.
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(Hank McCoy X Reader) Late Nights

A/N: As much feedback as possible? Hopefully constructive criticism? What I did well or didn’t, and if I should write more X-men/Marvel related fics. Thanks and enjoy J And everything in italics is the reader’s thoughts.
It was late, but it didn’t mean you were asleep. You were training, not just running on the treadmill training, like punching bags and practicing your powers. It had been years since you had found Charles, and even longer since you had discovered you powers, but you still found them hard to control…. Especially around a certain genius your age.
You hit the punching bag infront of you even harder, until you knocked it off the chain it was hanging from in the ceiling.
Letting out a small groan, you levitated the punching bag back onto the ceiling and starting hitting it again. This time, you just let your thoughts fl
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(Tadashi X Reader) You lied

Warning: Character death, and some fluff

(A/N: spoilers for Big Hero 6… but if you seriously haven’t watched that movie, go watch it now. I don’t own BH6… and for those of you who love my Tadashi fics, THANKS! <3 And I know I haven't updated in a while, so feedback on the ending would help a lot please!)
“I’m so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears. If you-”
Your singing was stopped by a knock on the door.
“(y/n), you have a visitor,” said your nurse.
“Let him in please,” you said, trying to sit up.
The door opened and Hiro walked in with Baymax. In Baymax’s hands, was a small TV, while Hiro was holding a video tape; which was something that was very hard to come by these days.
“Hi Hiro, hey Baymax.”
“Hello. How are you feeling (y/n)?”
“I’m feeling better, I guess. I don’t feel like killing myself ri
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(Yamazaki Sousuke X Reader) Jacket

Warning: fluff… general implication reader-chan and Sosuke-kun are going out. And this is basically what happened between Gou and Sousuke... but with reader-chan instead.
“Ahh (y/n)-chan! Long time no see!”
“Same! Have you seen Sousuke-kun or Rin-chan?”
“Actually, we’re doing a sur-”
He was cut off by your high pitched scream as water was suddenly squirted on you.
“(y/n)-chan! I’m so sorry! Ah!! Yamazaki-senpai!” Nitori said.
“No it’s okay… Sousuke-kun!!!” you said, seeing your boyfriend.
“Ai, what did you do to (y/n)?!” he said with a slightly angry tone.
“I’m sorry!!!!!” were Nitori’s last words before he was eliminated.
You and Sousuke just looked down at the two lowerclass men. You could feel the water seeping through your clothes and slowly making you cold as the water start
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(Tadashi X Reader) Attention

Like my ‘To Punish” fic, there is a slight mature implication. But not a full out, WHAM mature scene. You were warned.

“Lunch is on meee! Everyone upstairs!” Aunt Cass said from the garage doorway.
“Yes!! Free food!” said Fred as he fist pumped the air.
Everyone, especially Hiro who was tired from working all morning, followed Aunt Cass into the kitchen upstairs.
“Aunt Cass, (y/n) and I are gonna clean up a little bit. We’ll catch up,” Tadashi called after his Aunt.
His eyes searched the room until they landed on you. You were so engrossed in a robotics book he gave to you as a birthday present. And in return, he got no good morning kiss or hug. You just walked right past him with your face in the book.
“(y/n). (y/n)? Sweetie? COME ON!”
“What! Oh My God! Tadashi, I’m so sorry. What?” you dropped your book, startled by your boyfriend’s sudden outburst.
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(Tadashi X Reader) Pubescent Mood Swings

(A/n: sequel to my to this fanfic: (Tadashi X Reader) To Punish )
Small teeny tiny spoiler from Big Hero 6. Really small. Slight AU-ish
“Shhhh! He’s coming this way!”
“Ow! (y/n)! Tha-”
Hiro looked around the lab, trying to find the source of the muffled whispering. Shrugging to himself, he just continued walking towards the elevator. Once you two heard the doors close, you emerged from behind a desk.
“He’s gone. Finally,” you let out.
“That was my foot!” yelled Tadashi.
“I’m sorry! You were talking too loudly, and he was coming this way,” you said.
“I get that but- oh come on!” he said looking at your face.
You were trying to give him your best puppy eyes, and it looks like it worked. Because you had Tadashi wrapped around your finger, so to speak.
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(Tadashi X Reader) To Punish

Spoilers for Big Hero 6! Some suggestive content at the end. Just a small implication. 

(A/N: Takes place @ the beginning of the movie)
You watched as Hiro stepped into the ring.
“I have a robot, I built it myself,” he said innocently.
You tuned out as you looked at Hiro’s robot, realizing his plan. If only Tadashi knew what he was up to, which he obviously didn’t. Then the crowd suddenly stepped back from Hiro and Yama as Yama marched towards Hiro.
You missed the fight. Damn. 
Hiro looked up in fear, as he placed the last roll of money in his pocked before Yama picked him up and threw him against a wall. Three of his goons made their way towards Hiro to beat him up, and Hiro looked like he was gonna piss his pants. No joke.
Sighing, you left the arena and quietly crouched behind the three unsuspecting goons and lashed out. You smashed two of their heads together, instantly knocking them out an
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(Kaneki Ken X Ghoul!Reader) Empty

“(y/n), I’m going to join Aogiri.”

“You can’t. No, you just came back. Kaneiki don’t, ever-”
“Just let me leave. We’re done (y/n). I don’t love you. I never did.”
“Then leave! I never want to see your face again. You know what? Just go, die for all I care.”
Then he turned around and left.  
Every night you dreamed the same dream. And every morning, you gasped for breath, crying. The look in his face, there was no sincerity or hurt. It was the honest straight truth, he didn’t love you. If he really did, something in his face would have given away indication. But it didn’t. His cold grey eyes looked down at you with disgust and hate.
Even at Anteiku, you couldn’t help but cringe at the many memories you had shared with him.
You were upstairs working, until you heard a plate shatter. Sighing at her
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(Hurt!Reader X Tadashi) Then show me what love is

Warning: There is mention of self harm and a suicide attempt. Please proceed with caution. 
“(y/n)! (y/n)! (y/n)!”
You heard a faint voice, but it was just so hard to focus. To stay awake.
“No, no, no, no, no, no! Stay with me (y/n). Just try and focus on me.”
“Ta- Tadashi?” you whimpered.
“(y/n), come on. Stay awake, stay with me,” he said desperately.
“I’m so tired Tadashi. And it hurts, it hurts so much,” you said quietly as tears started to pour from your eyes.
“No,no. (y/n), it’s okay. I’m here.” He said, cupping your face, wiping your tears.
“It’s so hard. I want to let go, Tadashi,” you say as more tears spill out of your eyes.
“No, no, hold on. We called an ambulance, just wait a little longer,” he said as tears started to pour out of his eyes.
Flashback brought to you by Baymax.  
You sat at your la
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Hi :) 
The end of the school year is almost upon me and I find myself finally having more time to focus on this account and upload quality stuff (not like the star wars fic I just uploaded :P
This is is just a progress check for me, a way to keep myself accountable for my promises and requests. 
I'm stuck in an emotional/mental ditch and I find it difficult to get out of it to write. Writing on this account used to be a way to vent, but now I'm super worried about what people will think, the views, the favorites, the comments, the watchers etc. So I've decided to reinvent the way I create my writing process. 
I hope this will set me back on track with requests and my plans for this account over the summer. 

Tadashi X Reader fic 
Ezra Scarlet x Male!Reader
Gray Fullbuster x Reader 
KnB Drabble series 
Kylo Ren X Reader 

Haikyū drabble series
maybe some more Hank McCoy X reader 
More anime x reader 


Fic is up!!!! Go check it out :) Feedback is welcome
less than 24 hours till I update first fic post hiatus
259 WATCHERS!!!! <3 

Hi everyone :) 

First, I'd like to thank everyone in the past 6 months since I've last update to continue being so loyal. I know I've been promising to upload stuff (my June update), but I haven't yet. I am suffering from this massive writers block. I've tried to start multiple parts that you've all requested (specifically the for the Kaneki fic and the Loki fic). I'm still responding to comments and taking ideas down but there hasn't been any writing...and I'm sorry. I know there are a lot of you that are waiting and maybe some who don't care. I love writing fics and I thank you all for the support that you've given me. As soon as I get past this block, I'll whip out the next few parts and maybe something new for Suicide Squad since Jared Leto as Joker is something new I'd like to explore. 

That's all for now :) coffeelurvr 



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